HAZMAT: Thrash metal from Down Under

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en  HAZMAT fuse elements of speed and traditional metal to conceive their own breed of blistering thrash metal on their sophomore album “Atonement”hazmat-atonment

Their second indie release that see the light early 2017 through our partner in Berlin, Germany: Metal Blast Records.

After touring and performing with heavy metal legends Tim “Ripper” Owens, Heaven, Paul DiAnno and Blaze Bayley and Coroner; HAZMAT took 12-months off the road in 2014-15 to write and record this epic album.

Atonement contain 10 explosive tracks with pure and unique Aussie touch. “Spineless” their first hit, show us a fierce, fast and furiously sound in vein of classic bands like Megadeth, Slayer or Annihilator.

Jay – vocals, lead guitar
Duck – lead guitar
Caine – drums, backing vocals
Stu – bass.


Available from 11.03.2017 in The Crypt Store.



Beyerdynamic: Obsesión por la calidad

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es  Tal vez no soy el más experto, tampoco el más hábil y conocedor en sonido, pero si puedo darme el lujo de decir y apreciar al escuchar un instrumento o una voz cuando esta se reproduce en forma clara y transparente.


Por eso me he vuelto un fan de los productos del fabricante alemán, que tienen un nivel de calidad que pocos pueden igualar.

A mi no se me paga por esto, pues no soy nadie en la industria como para recibir una bonificación o gratificación por mis palabras. Esto es un pequeño reporte “no oficial”. Solo soy una persona que admira y aprecia la buena calidad de un producto y me gusta resaltarlo.

Acá pueden apreciar una galería de selectos micrófonos y audífonos, que tomé durante mi trabajo y otras las obtuve de sus redes sociales.

Espero disfruten.

Extreme Metal Attack 2016

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Un evento para no perderse!


es Invitamos a nuestros fans a compartir una noche de lo mejor del metal local.

Presentaremos lo mejor de nuestro repertorio junto a temas de lo que será nuestro proximo album.  Los esperamos con su buena energía!

Extreme Metal Attack

Lugar: Barnaby Jones

Dirección: Carrera 42  33 B Sur 60.  Tels. + 57 304 4925629 – Envigado. 055422

Fecha: 19 de Febrero 2016.

Hora: 19:00

Entrada: Una contribución de solo $20K (Solo US6.00)

Merchandise disponible a precios reducidos.

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Extrema Navidad con música gratis!

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christmas promo music desEn el ocaso del 2015, tenemos el metal extremo independiente con los mejores precios del mercado.

Compra un album de Murder, Athanator, King´s Evil, Double Diamond, Remembrance of Pain, Intense, Fastkill, Underthreat o cualquier compacto que desees de nuestra tienda virtual, y recibe otro totalmente gratis!

Si compras 2 albums, recibe adicionalmente sticker o botón o parche promocional de nuestras bandas.

Y si adquieres 3 albums, tu envío sale gratis también!

Es nuestro regalo de navidad por tiempo limitado, como agradecimiento a tu fidelidad a la Cripta.

Promovemos y defendemos el sonido extremo independiente.

Felices e infernales fiestas de fin de año!

  • Oferta valida hasta el 10 de enero de 2016 o hasta agotar existencias.
  • Valida para toda latinoamérica y resto del mundo con cargos adicionales por envío.

Get 1¢ shipping on any of my CDs between November 30th and December 4th.

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1cClients_1080x1080_v3en   Still trying to find the perfect gift for the music-lover in your life? I wanted to let you know that CD Baby is charging only 1¢ for shipping when you purchase my music on CDBaby.com between 11/30 and 12/04.

Whether you buy 1 disc or 100, it’s only ONE PENNY for standard domestic or international shipping – TOTAL.

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Here’s to a music-filled holiday season!

Thanks for your support.

Athanator – The Perfect Enemy / Architect of Disaster

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A review for ATHANATOR released in 2013 on a UK magazine

LIXO Sonido & Discos

Athanator – The Perfect Enemy / Architect of Disaster.

Thoughs in the British Fields for last 2 albums. Here a review for ATHANATOR that was made in the Ring Master Review

athanator pic

Though Athanator was a name often on the wind surrounding our ears the RR had never taken the plunge and investigated the band further despite their mention always coming in positive and strong declarations. Thanks to an email from Alberto Arias of their Columbian label LIXO Sonido & Discos the chance to remedy that fell into our laps as two of their albums The Perfect Enemy and Architect of Disaster were sent our way for covering. Neither is new, from 2006 and 2009 respectively, but such their quality and compelling persuasion another of our intermittent retrospective reviews was definitely the order of the day.

Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Athanator formed in 1989 and was soon one of the biggest…

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Fallen Angels – World In Decay

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Fallen Angel, produce thrash metal like anyone.
You hate me when you listen their brutal sound.

The RingMaster Review

Fallen Angels Band Photo 1_RingMaster Review - Left2Right Steve-Brad-Erik-Carl-Matt - cropped

Creating a compelling maelstrom of energy and familiarity, US thrashers Fallen Angels back up their acclaimed second album Engines of Oppression, with another tempest of aggression and craft in the masterful shape of World In Decay. The Seattle based quintet once more openly weave the inspiration of genre masters and originators such as early Metallica, Testament, Slayer, and Megadeth into their equally classic metal hued sound, and again the band uncages a proposition which only excites ears and appetite. It is fair to say that in many ways you know what you are going to get with a Fallen Angles encounter, but not in what shape or gripping design it comes in. The same applies to World In Decay, an album with few major surprises but a torrent of things to drool over.

With their 80’s thrash and 70/80’s heavy metal influenced sound, Fallen Angels has increasingly…

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