en  Heavy Metal band,  founded by singer Gianny Rozo in October 2000.

The band was created by Gianny Rozo, after being a member of several bands including Silence, Bandolier, Hunger and Moonlight. He decided the time had come to structure a band with his own musical style. The band GIANNY was born.

Gianny is trying to express his feelings through lyrics and music. He was influenced by 60′s Rock’n Roll, (Beatles) and the Hard Rock of the 70′s, (Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, among others). GIANNY’s music has been generated through the years to become melodic with a powerful style.

The experience achieved during this time has led GIANNY to produce sounds and music the touch the soul of the listeners. With a project in mind, Gianny Rozo started looking for musicians who share the same idea. This wasn’t easy, but after a long search, he formed his first lineup with Carlos Zapata on drums, Jairo Hurtado on bass, Diego Vargas on guitar and keyboards and Sergio Pérez on guitar. For a few years with these talented musicians, they created and edited an EP that included songs like: Someone needs a Hero (Mixed and mastered by famous producer, Beau Hill), Angel Touch, Moonlight, Razones Desnudas (Tribute to Kraken), Rescátame (only Spanish track).

GIANNY made his first video clip for the the song Angle Touch in 2004. At the same time Gianny Rozo wrote the rest of the songs for his first album “Crystal Memory”

In 2012, after making several appearances with his first musical lineup and with the new direction of first album, Gianny Rozo changed some of the band members to record and release “Crystal Memory”.

The band GIANNY now consist of these fine musicians: Andres Felipe Roso, Drums and backing vocals; Gianny Rozo, Lead Vocals and Guitar; Juan Ignacio del Rio, Lead Guitar and backing vocals; Jairo Hurtado, Bass and backing vocals; and Pablo Jiménez, Keyboards and backing vocals.

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