From Deep Inside

Format:  CD
Date Release: 27.06.2001.
Produced by: Murder   Engineered by: Mauricio Henao
An album with eleven songs in English and Spanish language filled of power and death tunes. The album was recorded, mixed and produced on Cuartico Studios and Organic Sound Studios Medellin, Colombia during several months under umbrella of Mauricio Henao and Alberto Arias. Here, Murder has clear influences from power metal acts as well as their classics influences from Carcass, Biohazard, Entombed, and Cannibal Corpse

Track list:

  • Unsparial Warriors
  • De Nuevo en Pie
  • From Deep Inside
  • Directo al Corazon
  • Insinuacion
  • Substances Travelling
  • Atentado (Noche sin Luna)
  • In the Middle of the Night
  • Pecado y Castigo
  • En Silencio
  • Beyond 2012….

  Available on CD and download MP3


A Short Story

Format : CD
Release Date:   19.05.1999
Produced by : Murder and Jorge Montoya.
First album produced by MURDER themselves in the Ensamble-MidiTrack Studios, Medellin, Colombia .Mastered by Victor Garcia (Nash, Sobredosis) at Numedia Productions, Los Angeles, CA. Eight songs recorded and engineered by Jorge Montoya and Jorge Calderon during November and December 1996 that put the band in the international metal scene. The album combines acoustic and heavy tunes supported by marching drums and guttural voices leded by Diego Vanegas.

Track list:

  • Between Dreams
  • Seek for Freedom
  • A Short Story
  • Looking the Sky
  • Searching the Light
  • Inequal
  • Subconcious Thoughts
  • Uncertain Future

  Available on CD and download MP3


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