Memento Moricaratula-athanator-memento-mori-2017

Format: Digi CD

Release date: 12.10.2018

Producer by Jaime Ocampo & Athanator.

Length: 48:12

The highly-anticipated »Memento Mori« is ATHANATOR’s 10th studio album, the first since 2009’s critically-acclaimed, Shock-nominated »Architect of Disaster« and the first with Jaime Ocampo as producer after unexpected  Jose Uribe dead. The band – Kike Ramirez (bass), Jaime Ocampo (guitar, vocals), Eder Zapata (guitars) and Esteban Tobon (drums) recorded the most parts for the album’s new tracks –

They started recording »Memento Mori« in December 2015, and made the track ‘Die by Corruption’ available as a video in August 2016. The band and Date continued to record between January and mid-July 2017 at Athanator´s Studios in Medellin. For the album, ‘Femicide’ was completely re-recorded from the ground up, with the original composer man Fernando Escobar and special vocal guest: Edgar Roldan (Perseo original member).

»Memento Mori« also includes ‘How will the next die?,’ an unfinished song composed by Jaime Ocampo and Juan Fernando Escobar sessions written by both axemen. About the track, Hagala U wrote that it “…begins with an eerie guitar line before evolving into a full-on-doom (and classic ATHANATOR) riff onslaught…“ EDER put it this way: “When I hear it, I think ‘Jose.’ It sounds like a Jose´s song.”

The 11-track »Memento Mori« is, according to those who have heard it, a sonic assault of brutal, ominous, lightening-fast and heavy-as-hell music with lyrics that unmask what ATHANATOR knows best – the horror, the corruption and the societal turmoil that dominates our world.

“The new album sounds like ATHANATOR,“ said Jaime. “In the past, our fans have always known what to expect, this time they don’t. But we really like it, and I don’t think the fans are going to be disappointed.“

As is expected from ATHANATOR, the band will support the release of »Memento Mori« with extensive touring across the globe, beginning this year as headliner in many festivals and live shows

Track list:

  1. Death Before Dishonor
  2. Memento Mori
  3. For Those Who Walked before Us
  4. Femicide
  5. How Will the Next Die?
  6. Paradojas
  7. Die by Corruption
  8. Secuestro
  9. Redemption
  10. Mass Grave
  11. I’m the Witness (Bonus track)




Antología de la Muerte

Antologia de la Muerte CD

Format: CD

Release date: 01.06.2014

Produced by Jaime Ocampo and Athanator

Length: 79:42


This compilation compact disc keep the best tunes composed in spanish language at early days for metal thrash band:   ATHANATOR. All songs were extracted from “Gritos del Enom” (Originally released in 1990), “Engendros de Muerte” (1992) and and “Involution” (1995). Their first jobs were used to promote the band around their native country: Colombia. Some songs still the original recording while 2 songs were recorded again in 2012 with original line-up and another 2 with last band´s member. An album that include lyrics, classic black and white pictures,trying to show the original underground scene during our terror and chaos era. A masterpiece for collectors, of course.

Track list:

  1. Entes de Guerra
  2. Pesadilla Macabra
  3. Inquisición
  4. ¿Quien es el Anticristo?
  5. Pasaje al Infierno
  6. Pesadilla Macabra
  7. Agonía
  8. La Pesada Cruz de la Muerte
  9. Entes de Guerra
  10. Jardines Nucleares
  11. ¿Quien es el Anticristo?
  12. Pasaje al Infierno
  13. Pesadilla Macabra
  14. Inquisición
  15. Naturaleza.


Savior of God (Live)

Format: MP3
Release Date: 31.08.2010
Produced by Jaime Ocampo & Kike Ramirez

Athanator put a classic song for fans that loves the crowd and live    concerts. Recorded during Altavoz International Festival, the band wants to show that metal could be live without tricks: No overdubs, no samplings, no studio mix.
Savior of God is an exclusive tune for thrash metal collectors. Taste it!

Track list:

° Savior of God.

  Exclusive MP3 Download!


Architect of Disaster

Format: CD+DVD
Release Date: 06.11.2009
Produced by: Jose Uribe and Athanator

Real Thrash Metal is again in the emerging throes of a glorious renaissance and Athanator’s new album “Architect of Disaster” will only enhance this growing trend and the bands formidable reputation as one of South America´s premier Metal bands. Drawing upon an often forgotten skill of brutality and song writing, these Colombians have got it right again with a crushing, but groove laden album that will have you thinking back to Thrash Metal’s glory years while still retaining a fresh modern edge!
Available as a limited edition with 10 killer tracks and a DVD containing interviews, live and studio footage it fully captures the Athanator experience. Hit the bands Myspace to hear a track from the album and check out the trailer for the DVD too..The album includes a special Making of… DVD with new videos and interviews and live footage. All packed and deluxe DVD box set with a 12 page full color booklet.

Track list:

  • Morbid Fear
  • The Army of Death
  • Architect of Disaster
  • Scarred for Life
  • Method to the Madness
  • Raise the Death
  • Into Shadows
  • Void
  • No Room for Error
  • The Path of Anarchy

  CD/DVD Deluxe edition and download MP3


The Perfect Enemy

 Format: CD
Release Date: 21.09.2006
Produced by: Jose Uribe & Athanator
After months of an extensive process of composing, rehearsing and recording, thrash metal masters have their  fourth release. An album with eleven aggresive and powerful thrash sounds, frenetic lyrics and fast and furious riffs supported by marching beats that fill any brain with schizophrenic metal. Here, Jose Uribe caught energy and feelings from every band member, again.

Track list:

  • Thoughts on the Battlefield
  • Fill your Heart with Fury
  • Unsocial God
  • The Perfect Enemy
  • Purified
  • Bleed for a Chance to Live
  • Gallery of Dreams
  • The Search
  • Smile of the Death
  • The Crypt of my Heart
  • Hatred and Shattered

CD available. Download MP3


Earth of Blood

 Format: CD
 Release Date: 04.05.2004
Engineer: Jorge Ceballos at El Pez Recording Studios, Medellin – Colombia
Producer:  Jose Uribe (Ekhymosis, Aspid)
Earth of Blood mark a new era for the band. The album shows a band with great melodies to create one very interesting and addictive combination of modern thrash with today´s sound and style heavy metal also offers! It was nominated for best foreign metal album during “London Music Awards” and the video for Walk Down the Dark song was nominated for City TV´s “Mucha Musica” video music awards on metal category during 2005.

Track list:

  • Earth of Blood
  • Children of Darkness
  • Perverse Paradise
  • Even the Angels Fall
  • Race of Cain
  • A Death in a Hole
  • Walk Down the Dark
  • Rage
  • The Savior of God
  • The Cold Hour Before Dawn
  • Without Choice
  • Metabolic Damage
  • Schedule to Die
  • Healing by the Blood
  • Frightened by the Bombs


Raise the Slaugther

Format: Demo – Cassette
Release Date: 14.11.2002
Produced by: Athanator
Every band grow-up with their influences and favorite artists and Athanator are not exception. After reunion beginning  the  new millenium, they performed some gigs in tribute to Celtic Frost, Metallica and slayer. The sucess was strong and the band goes to studio to record a tribute to Slayer. Eleven songs from the thrash masters were took to show that Athanator may have extreme sounds without troubles. Also, it contains 2 bonus tracks with demo song for the forth coming album: Earth of Blood.

Track list:

  • Postmortem
  • War Ensamble
  • South of Heaven
  • Hell Awaits
  • Mandatory Suicide
  • Angel of Death
  • Season in the Abyss
  • The Antichrist
  • Die by the Sword
  • Black Magic
  • Reign in Blood
  • Earth of Blood
  • Children of Darkness


Raise the Death

Format: CD
Release Date: 25.08.2000
Produced by: Athanator
First album released by themselves with death andthrash metal sounds, with an amazing classic heavy riffs and blasting guttural voices. An album dense with excellent quality design to show how the death raise again after 8 years in darkness to put the band on the underground scene.

Track list:

  • Gothic Hunt
  • Murderous Dreams
  • The Eyes of a Death Child
  • Bloody Hands of Christ
  • Suicide Souls
  • Christianism`s Sunset
  • Schizophrenic Agony
  • Masters of War
  • Macabre Nightmare
  • Fight for Blood


Engendros de Muerte

Formato: Vinyl EP
Release Date: 29.09.1992
The first release for the thrash band produced by themselves 3 years after formed with a line-up that comes from high school fellows. Songs recorded in live session on Zarbanda Studios.
Engineered and Mixed by Federico Lopez (Aterciopelados, Juanes, Masacre)
The cover is actually used to promote the first 10 songs produced by the band. Available on CD-R.

Track list:

  • Pesadilla Macabra
  • Entes de Guerra


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