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Since their humble start in 1989 as an underground band from Medellin, Colombia, ATHANATOR have managed to establish themselves as one of America’s top thrash metal acts through hard work, relentless concerts, and consistently solid albums. What has set ATHANATOR apart from the rest of the metal scene since the very beginning is their use of death obsession and imagery in lyrics and artwork, as well as a talent for writing epic, memorable melodies, which underline their solemn yet killer approach to heavy music.

The band went through the usual demo recordings and line-up changes in the beginning stages, but in 2000 made its first mark with the CD “Rise the Death”. A one-off affair with (of all places) Colombia’s LIXO Sonido & Discos, this CD did not only plant ATHANATOR’s flag in the underground metal landscape, but also gained the band a multi-fan around the world.

In 2002 a tribute to Slayer called “Rise the Slaughter”, led the band as the first thrash metal act honored by metal fanzines, e-zines and every metal head in the town. They have been in many sold-out concerts catching fans, performing on many gigs including a support show for German Thrashers: DESTRUCTION.

Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob Corporation sign a deal with ATHANATOR to release at mid 2004, their “Earth of Blood” album.15 tunes from the old school thrash metal with new sounds supported by promotional video clips and many shows across the country that put ATHANATOR on international carpet and opened doors for independent labels in USA, Germany and Rise Star Records from Chile to plug the album across the world.

The fourth CD arrives for September 2006. It join explicit lyrics that fed their experiences, as well as inspiration from their own nightmares: “The Perfect Enemy” an album with eleven aggressive and powerful thrash sounds, frenetic lyrics, and fast and furious riffs supported by marching beats that fill any brain with schizophrenic metal. The Perfect Enemy available worldwide through it comes with a heavy support in videos, interviews as well as shows sharing stages with American masters: Sadus, Krisiun, from Brazil and Carajo from Argentina as well as many, many more concerts and international festivals! Like Altavoz, during 2006/2008.

For 2009 Combine extreme music with an edgy, biting implacability, complement it with truly motivated lyrics that have a distinct tendency to point the finger at grievances and aren’t afraid of exposing abhorrent facts, and you just might get a sense of the pandemonium of sounds on “Architect of Disaster”, the latest recording by Colombia’s cult thrash metal act. This time around we wanted to deliver as dynamic of a production as possible. There can be no doubt that we’ve achieved our target in Architect of Disaster. The album was recorded, and produced Jose Uribe our creative fifth man, again. The result is exactly what one would expect from ATHANATOR in terms of its energy and stylistic direction to be nominated as best hard rock album at end 2010 by Shock Magazine. Architect of Disaster brilliantly conveys the same intense energy that ATHANATOR is known for in their live stage shows during the following years.

In 2014 the band release “Antologia de la Muerte” a CD compilation with 15 classics tunes released previously in the early 90`s. The album comes to share 25 years in scene through a South American tour extended during 18 months.

ATHANATOR´s who fascinatingly succeed in exploring new horizons while challenging and reinventing themselves time and again, resulting in high impact as perfectly illustrated by their new record “Memento Mori” (Available from March 2018). With 10th studio album of their impressive career, the thrashers from Medellin, Colombia have crafted a work of art of almost vigor, drawing its unfalling power from the pounding heart of one of the greatest, most versatile metal bands of all times. “Memento Mori” lives and breathes!

Line up:

 ♠ Jaime Ocampo – Vocals and guitars                  ♠       Eder Zapata – Guitars

 ♠   Enrique Ramirez – Bass                           ♠         Esteban Tobon – Drums

Official website:


Sonicbids, is the Athanator´s electronic press kit. An useful tool for promoters, booking agents, press, record label or any proffessional executive on the industry.


3 thoughts on “Athanator

  1. Hello from Sweden. Have listened to your Music and enjoys it a lot. I have only rescently discovered the metal scene i South America and I Think you have a lot going on, especially in Colombia. Your metal Music are way better than the european metal right now. Your Music is more in your face, just like metal should be. Keep on rocking and hope to see you over here sometime.

  2. Excelente banda colombiana, la cual tiene un gran trabajo en su carrera.
    Esperamos verlos en Perú lo mas pronto posible!
    Architect of Disaster y The Perfect Enemy son albums de lo mejor del metal paisa.

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