Divide and Conquer

Excellent technical article to process a good low beat sound. Don´t matter your music style.

Flying Eye Productions

Mixing drum kits can be fun. Banging on something to produce a rhythm may have been our first musical experience as a species. Modern recording tools finally gave musicians the ability to share that emotion with a much wider audience of fans and other musicians than live shows alone could reach. Rock and roll can be traced back to early blues and folk music that was popularized in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The excitement of listening to W.C. Handy play his Boogie Woogie piano was intoxicating. Right hand playing melody, left hand pounding bass counterpoint, foot stomping in rhythm with the bass line the whole time. A very plausible precursor to the modern concept of drums and bass. Kick drums grew in popularity after mid-1909, when the Ludwig brothers secured the patent for a successful kick drum pedal. The bass guitar has been completing the rock rhythm section…

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