Careful with that axe Eugene

Amazing Article. Do you have a recording for this experience?

Flying Eye Productions

It’s a practice in capturing extremes. On one extreme you have the single microphone capturing an acoustic guitar. Purity of tone is paramount. If you start with a great sounding Wayne Henderson Dreadnought, you only want to capture its incredible tone. One great microphone, minimal processing and you’re good to go. On the other extreme, you have an electric guitar with a variety of pedals and multiple boutique tube amplifiers feeding hemp cone drivers with everything at 11, for tone of course. And in the capture of those tones, multiple microphones with a pair of stereo DI’s and half a dozen plug ins to finish off the signal chain. The resulting tone is almost nothing like what was produced acoustically by the solid body G&L Stratocaster. But by adding multiple layers of unique distortion, you end up with the desired tone. Both techniques are perfectly useful and can produce beautiful…

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